WABCO Service Partner including Knorr Bremse & Haldex

The commercial vehicle industry, in particular, is always changing and we have to adapt to it. New technologies and innovation are being implemented to the parts and software of leading brands such as WABCO, Knorr Bremse & Haldex all the time. We continually invest in our team, training and innovating to incorporate technology into what we do, whether it’s state-of-the-art equipment, training or leading software, we constantly improve to offer services that work better for you.

Our technicians have undergone training to ensure that J & M Morgan are certified through the WABCO Service Partner (WSP) program, Haldex training programme & Knorr-Bremse qualification and training programmes. These training programmes ensure that commercial vehicle service facilities and staff meet the stringent technical and safety standards in the maintenance and repair of commercial vehicles. During this training our technicians attain extensive knowledge of the company’s products and services – to provide service, repair or replacement of suspension and braking systems for heavy goods vehicles, trailers, off-road equipment and other vehicles including buses and RVs.

Our objective is to increase uptime for our customers, getting them back on the road as quickly as possible, and providing peace of mind that the service was completed by a certified facility.

We’ve grown to understand the needs and common requirements for Commercial Vehicle maintenance and repairs, and we work closely with fleet operators and sole traders, to ensure that vehicles are maintained and repaired with minimum disruption and to the highest standard. We’ve recently re-located to a depot has been carefully sourced to provide the right environment to handle Commercial Vehicles, particularly heavy goods vehicles.

Send an enquiry to our dedicated team:

To book your heavy goods vehicle in for brakes and suspension diagnostics please call 01704 896666 or make an enquiry. We have a team dedicated to helping you navigate fleet management and commercial vehicle ownership, and we try our very best to ensure you remain compliant and operational through a dedicated customer care team.

    Discover how our brakes and suspension diagnostics can help streamline the maintenance, inspection and repairs of heavy goods vehicles