Voluntary testing

Voluntary Testing

If you own or use a commercial vehicle, you have an obligation to evidence that a preventative maintenance regime in place, as well as being responsible for the roadworthiness condition of the vehicle. Different voluntary test options may suit different fleet operators depending on what maintenance regimes or types of facilities operators have in-house.  and either voluntary test  can be used as a supplementary test in between your annual CVR test.

We can support you with 3 key voluntary tests at our facility:

  • Voluntary Headlamp testing
  • Voluntary Brake testing
  • Voluntary Shaker plates testing for suspension systems

Voluntary testing in between annual statutory tests is considered good practice and helps to identify any defects that may need to be rectified. Ideally, you should schedule preventative maintenance at specific intervals so that you can identify a problem before it becomes a concern. Whether you’re applying for an Operator’s Licence or managing one, having good voluntary testing schedules in place demonstrates professional competence.

Often fleet operators or commercial vehicle owners opt to take advantage of our voluntary tests when the vehicle is in for repairs or maintenance. We’ve grown to understand the needs and common requirements for Commercial Vehicle maintenance and repairs, and we work closely with fleet operators and sole traders, to ensure that vehicles are maintained and repaired with minimum disruption and to the highest standard. We’ve recently re-located to a depot has been carefully sourced to provide the right environment to handle Commercial Vehicles, particularly heavy goods vehicles.

Send an enquiry to our dedicated team:

To book in your commercial vehicle in for a voluntary test or an MOT inspection please call 01704 896666 or make an enquiry. We have a team dedicated to helping you navigate the legislation around operating heavy goods vehicles, and we try our very best to ensure you remain compliant through reminders and a dedicated customer care team.

    Discover how voluntary testing can help streamline the maintenance, inspection and repairs of heavy goods vehicles