DVSA Approved Tachograph Centre

DVSA Approved Tachograph Centre

We are a DVSA Approved Tachograph Centre, sometimes referred to as an ATC.

We have equipment and technology that can inspect and calibrate a wide range of tachographs, from old style analogue tachograph, digital tachographs to the latest smart digital tachographs and ensure that they are inspected, calibrated, and repaired quickly and affordably.

We also have a team of experts trained to install the latest smart tachograph technology, this makes calibration much simpler using wireless calibration through the VDO WorkshopTab 2. By streamlining the maintenance and calibration of tachographs, we can reduce the time and costs incurred when performing checks to uphold your operator’s license. Because we also specialise in Heavy Vehicle Commercial Maintenance, inspection and repairs, we can ensure that your vehicle has any necessary repairs made whilst in for tachograph calibration too. We strive to take care of it all under one roof, saving time and disruption to your business.

Vehicles registered after 1st May 2006 must be fitted with a digital tachograph and from 19th June 2019 this became known as the Smart Tachograph.

Something to consider…

We have noticed that many small businesses and sole traders are unaware of when tachograph rules apply to or not and our technicians are on hand to advise those who are unsure or unaware of the requirements.

Useful links:

Drivers’ hours and tachographs: goods vehicles – Rules on drivers’ hours and tachographs for vehicles used for the carriage of goods in Great Britain and abroad.

Drivers’ hours: recording of other work – How bus, coach and HGV drivers should record the hours they spend on ‘other work’.

Send an enquiry to our dedicated team:

Our team are well versed in the legislation of tachograph compliance, and we’d be happy to offer advice and guidance to ensure your heavy goods vehicle or fleet is operating legally.

To book your heavy goods vehicle in for a tachograph inspection please call 01704 896666 or make an enquiry. We have a team dedicated to helping you navigate the legislation around tachograph analysis and testing, and we try our very best to ensure you remain compliant through reminders and a dedicated customer care team.

    Discover how our DVSA Approved Tachograph Centre can help streamline the maintenance, inspection and repairs of heavy goods vehicles