Roller Brake Testing

Roller Brake Testing Facility

We pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop to maintain, service, inspect and repair commercial vehicles of all sizes and classes. Brake tests are one of the more crucial aspects of a vehicle inspection due to the possible devastation that can occur because of faulty brakes. Our cutting-edge facility designed to handle large vehicles and the leading equipment installed, allows our technicians to manage tasks such as brake testing efficiently and effectively. We know how important it is to carry out routine inspections thoroughly but in a way that causes minimum disruption to the commercial vehicle fleet our clients operate.

Heavy goods vehicles or a trailer’s brakes should be tested by a roller brake tester (RBT) at least 4 times per year, including at the MOT. Your vehicle must be loaded for a brake test – ideally to at least 65% of its total safe working load. It can only be tested unladen if it cannot be loaded due to design limitations or the type of load it normally carries.

Our reports are designed to:

  • make sure your brakes are in a safe condition
  • identify any problems and carry out repairs

If any repairs are required, we will carry out routine inspections in other areas to reduce further disruption to your fleet.

The report will show the axle weights and the results of checks on your heavy goods vehicle’s brakes for:

  • bind (only on service brakes)
  • time lag
  • ovality (only on HGV’s steered axles)
  • imbalance
  • max force

Should your heavy goods vehicle fail, rest assured that we have the expertise and knowhow to get it back on the road, quickly and affordably.

Send an enquiry to our dedicated team:

To book in your heavy goods vehicle in for a brakes test or an MOT inspection please call 01704 896666 or make an enquiry. We have a team dedicated to helping you navigate the legislation around operating heavy goods vehicles, and we try our very best to ensure you remain compliant through reminders and a dedicated customer care team.

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