Authorised Testing Facillity

DVSA Approved Authorised Testing Facility

We are a DVSA Authorised Testing Facility sometimes referred to as ATF.

Our talented team of engineers who can prepare and check your heavy goods vehicle prior to testing. Because we also specialise in Heavy Vehicle Commercial Maintenance, inspection and repairs, we can ensure that your vehicle has any necessary repairs made prior to the MOT. We strive to take care of all your needs all under one roof, saving time and disruption to your business.

You need to get an HGV, bus or trailer MOT (also known as an ‘annual test’) for:

  • goods vehicles with a gross weight of more than 3,500 kilograms (kg)
  • vehicles that are built or have been adapted to form part of an articulated vehicle
  • semi-trailers
  • horseboxes with a gross weight of more than 3,500kg
  • ‘A’ frame trailers and converter dollies manufactured on or after 1 January 1979
  • trailers with an unladen weight of more than 1,020kg with powered braking systems (instead of standard overrun brakes and as well as the required parking brake)
  • all public service vehicles (such as buses and coaches) with more than 8 passenger seats – not including the driver’s seat

Our depot is perfectly suited to handle heavy goods vehicles and has state-of-the-art equipment to lift and make inspection more efficient and affordable.

Before the test, please ensure that your heavy goods vehicle is clean, as DVSA examiners have the right to refuse to test unclean vehicles which will incur additional fee’s

  • tidying unnecessary items from the dashboard, footwells, door pockets and seats
  • wiping down the dashboard, doors and vehicle controls
  • wash the exterior & underside of the vehicle

Other conditions for accepting vehicles for test include:

  • A trailer must be accompanied by a suitable drawing vehicle.
  • The vehicle chassis number or DVSA issued trailer identification mark must be permanently fixed to the vehicle in an accessible, easy to read position.
  • The vehicle/trailer must be clean enough to allow the component parts to be inspected.
  • The vehicle/trailer must not present a health & safety hazard to inspect.
  • The vehicle/trailer must be appropriately loaded.

Send an enquiry to our dedicated team:

To book in your heavy goods vehicle in for an MOT inspection please call 01704 896666 or make an enquiry. We have a team dedicated to helping you navigate the legislation around MOT testing, and we try our very best to ensure you remain compliant through reminders and a dedicated customer care team.

    Discover how our DVSA Approved Authorised Testing Facility we can help streamline the maintenance, inspection and repairs of heavy goods vehicles