Haweka Heavy Vehicle Laser Alignment Tracking

The wheels and axles of a heavy goods vehicle are an integral factor of safety and efficiency. To ensure that you’re running your fleet or vehicle effectively requires ongoing and specialist maintenance. For optimum performance and to reduce tyre wear, your commercial vehicle should regularly undergo wheel alignment diagnostics and adjustment when required. Not only will an incorrect wheel alignment affect the vehicle’s handling, it will cause uneven wear of the vehicle’s tyres meaning they will need to be replaced sooner.

We’re a certified Haweka wheel alignment specialist, our technicians have undergone extensive training to improve wheel balancing and commercial wheel alignment using Haweka Diagnostic Systems. We use the Haweka AXIS series, cutting-edge technology with its magnetic feet for either laser or camera heads. This concept both speeds up the measurement process and increases accuracy. We diagnose and adjust imperfections in alignment that may prevent wheels from turning efficiently – saving tyre wear and increasing safety.

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